Henry Hudson 400
New York Nights in Amsterdam
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  • 30 Mar - 07 Apr

Within the scope of the festivities around New York's celebration of the 400th anniversary of Hudson's voyage and Dutch-American relations, the city of Amsterdam celebrates the occasion by hosting various activities and events in early April, exactly 400 years after Henry Hudson set sail for New York.

Locals, New Yorkers and Americans living in The Netherlands will celebrate the joint heritage and similarities between our two cities, countries and people.

New York Nights is organized by the Henry Hudson 400 Foundation, the City of Amsterdam and the Dutch National Government -- NY400.

Monday March 30th; Business Lunch (WTC Amsterdam)
'Peace and Stability through Trade' is the mission of the World Trade Center that has its roots and headquarters in New York. In celebration of their combined heritage the WTC Amsterdam Business Club hosts a business lunch.

As key note speakers, minister Frans Timmermans and famous Dutch architect Ben van Berkel will address specific topics relating to 400 years of business relations between Amsterdam and New York.

Wednesday April 1st; Night of the Stars (The Hague)
A gala evening organized by the Holland America Friendship Foundation and hosted by the Minister for Foreign Affairs Maxime Verhagen in the 13th century Knights Hall in the Hague. Proceeds from the event will go to Fulbright Scholarships and other educational and cultural exchanges.

This event will be the 'official opening' of the Quadricentennial in the Netherlands, celebrating four hundred years of uninterrupted friendship between The Netherlands and America.

Wednesday April 1st; Yankee Come Back (Boom Chicago)
The world is excited about the new president, Barack Obama. Is this the comeback for American leadership on the world stage? Can the U.S. climb out of the political and economic malaise that eight years of George W. Bush have left behind? Boom Chicago is optimistic!

This year also marks the 400 year anniversary of the Dutch discovery of New York, then New Amsterdam. Time for Boom Chicago to take a closer, critical look at both the Americans and the Dutch. In a multimedia spectacle of sharp sketches, improvisation, videos, internet and live music, the actors of Boom Chicago examine the relationship between the two countries that has lasted 400 years.

How will that relationship proceed in the future and how do both groups think about themselves and each other?

Yankee Come Back premieres on April 1 at the Leidseplein Theater in Amsterdam. The new show is the opening event for the week long celebrations around New York's 400th anniversary and Dutch-American relations.

April 1-3; Pioneers!
Bringing together innovative thinkers at the frontiers of active citizenship in Amsterdam and New York The Pioneers Sessions will celebrate the common values of creativity, diversity and entrepreneurship in Amsterdam and New York City and the two cities' shared history of urban greatness that began 400 years ago with the journey of the Dutch ship "Halve Maen," commanded by Captain Henry Hudson across the Atlantic in 1609.

The sessions will bring together a group of selected Pioneers-today's cutting edge thinkers and entrepreneurs in diverse professional fields-for a transatlantic dialogue into the frontiers of civic engagement and social entrepreneurship in Amsterdam and New York City.

Participants will be young professionals drawn from a broad range of fields including academia, the arts, business, health, education, government, grassroots activism, media and technology. Pioneers will gain knowledge and inspiration from exploring how innovative thinkers from different cities and disciplines are meeting the challenges of urban, social and civic engagement.

Thursday April 2nd; Design festival Cut 'n Paste (Paradiso)
Amsterdam hosts the design festival Cut ‘n Paste, born in New York in 2005. Local and international design talent will challenge each other in a live, digital, design tournament. 

Friday April 3rd; Rijksmuseum presents Return to Manhattan: The 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's voyage in cooperation with the Nationaal Archief

In 1609 the ship “De Halve Maen” left under command of Henry Hudson Amsterdam in search for a new route to Asia. In September 1609 Hudson sailed the river that was later named after him and discovered a fertile area around Manhattan.

Around 1625 Nieuw-Amsterdam was founded, nowadays New York, as the main city of the Colony Nieuw Amsterdam. An exclusive preview of original documents which are the basis of the establishment of the city of New York and the Colony, are shown in the Rijksmuseum.

Friday April 3rd; Museum Night: Open doors at Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, Foam and Amsterdam Historic Museum
As part of the New York Nights Weekend, Amsterdam's front-ranking museums will open their doors to the public on Friday night. 

The Van Gogh Museum will exhibit in cooperation with MoMA, Van Gogh and the Colors of the Night, and the Rijksmuseum will show a precious collection of the founding documents of New Netherlands. Foam_Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam will host a large retrospective of the American photographer Richard Avedon and will give free guided tours during the whole New York Nights week. The Amsterdam Historic Museum presents its Old Masters.

Friday April 3rd; Young Professionals event (Heineken Experience Hall)
The AmCham Young Professionals Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands will organize a special event with guest speakers Russell Shorto – co-author of "1609, The forgotten history of Hudson, Amsterdam and New York" and Frans van der Minne – Group HR Director of Heineken and former CEO of Heineken USA.

These speakers will give a lecture followed by an interactive discussion focused on the historical, sociological and entrepreneurial aspects of US-NL longstanding relations. The evening will be concluded with a traditional Dutch Stamppotten buffet style dinner and drinks at the private floor of the Heineken Experience.

Saturday April 4th; Henry Hudson Sets Sail starring Russell Shorto and Geert Mak (Westerkerk)
A Town Hall Meeting focused on the shared DNA of Amsterdam/The Netherlands and the City of New York.

The subject of discussion will not only be the influence of The Netherlands on the United States in the 17th century, but will take the dialogue further to critically examine the character and the significance of the Dutch-US relations in the 21st century.

It features talks by Geert Mak and Russell Shorto and a discussion including, Sam Roberts (New York Times reporter), Beth Fertig (WNYC), Ruth Oldenziel (American specialist at Eindhoven University), Frans Timmermans (State Secretary for Foreign Affairs) and others. Moderator: Dutch News Anchor Twan Huys.

Saturday April 4th; Topscore XXXSperience Special Dance Edition (Club Escape)
Several dancestyles will be shown. During a big streetdance competition boys and girls from 12 to18 years old have the opportunity to perform and show their talents. The jury consists of New York dancers, who will also perform, and well-known Dutch dancers and choreographers (e.g. Timor and Eszteca of the Dutch television programme ‘So You Think You Can Dance').

First prize for the streetdance contest: a trip to New York and participation in the Talent Swap with masterclasses, performances and tours.

Alderman Carolien Gehrels will hand out the prizes.

In the audience several talentscouts will be searching for models, extras, singers, dancers, and youth with beatboxing and presentation skills. There will be beauty workshops, a game corner, shows by DJ KID and DJ Abstract. Hosted by Big Ed.

Saturday April 4th; AMS-NYC Club Night
Prominent clubs of Amsterdam like Jimmy Woo, Hotel Arena, Odeon and Club Up / De Kring will organize an American Club Night where New York and New Yorkers predominate.

Sunday April 5th ; The riches of Amsterdam and New York
Stroll or bike through the joint history of two financial centers. This Amsterdam-New York Trail gives an exquisite opportunity to discover the shared history of Amsterdam and New York.

This historic walk passes historic places that were important in the shared Dutch-American history and helped to establish the relationship of The Netherlands and the United States.

Sunday April 5th ; Henry Hudson for Kids (Amsterdam Historic Museum)
An educational program for children ages ten and up in Dutch and English to learn more about Henry Hudson, Amsterdam, and New York.

The day will include stories in the famous “Schuttersgallerij”, with a surprise tour inside and outside the musuem, and other surprises. The City's storyteller will describe life in the 17th centrury, the thrilling voyage of Captain Hudson and his crew, as well as the spectacular discovery of Manhattan.

Under the supervision of museum instructors and guides, the children will walk the Henry Hudson for Kids Tour—a tailor-made walk based on the AHM's Hudson audio tour.

There will be a minimum of two tours at 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. As of April 6, visitors can download the tour from the Internet. Entrance is free.

Sunday April 5th; Pioneers! Public event (Felix Meritis)
Who are the movers and shakers of today, the Obamas of tomorrow? An entertaining and diverse program with talk shows, performances, workshops, enables you to share the inspiration and ability to bring about change on the part of contemporary Pioneers from various walks of life. They will take you to the crossroads of technology and democracy, art and politics, power and music, where new forms of citizenship are forged. Recognized and up-and-coming talent from New York and Amsterdam will present their visions and themes.

Monday April 6th; Urban Health Care ‘A Public Health Tale of Two Cities' (De Duif)
During this conference on urban health care, best practices will be exchanged. An important theme is how both the cities of Amsterdam and New York look at the marginalized parts of their population like psychiatric patients, drug addicts, and homeless people.

But also questions are addressed such as: what is the role of governments, what are the risks of big cities, how to deal with hard drug addiction, and what are the characteristics of vulnerable groups? A second part of the conference will be held on September 10th in New York.

Tuesday April 7th; Amsterdam-New York Evening (Oude Kerk)
The Oude Kerk Foundation of Amsterdam organizes a festive evening, where “Amsterdammers and New Yorkers” can meet and celebrate the early beginnings of New York and the centuries-long bonds with Amsterdam.

Onno Ruding, former Minister of Finance of The Netherlands during two cabinets will give a speech called "USA and Europe: Different values and behaviour in finance” . The evening will be musically enlightened by the string quartet formation of “The Hague String Variations”.


Established in 2006 in Amsterdam and in New York, the Henry Hudson 400 Foundation was organized to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson. Besides celebrating the historic event, the Foundation also wants to explore future ties between these two great cities which are linked by their shared belief in the value of free, diverse, outward-reaching societies.
Gert Tetteroo is executive Director

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