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Jan Toorop, 'The Sea'  (1887)

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'A Defining Challenge of Our Future'

In 1609, Captain Henry Hudson arrived in New York Harbor and discovered the majesty of the Hudson River. Four hundred and four years later, on September 9 and 10, 2013, the H209 Forum will commemorate this pioneering voyage by exploring the water challenges of the 21st century. The venue is the Museum of Jewish Heritage in downtown Manhattan. 
Our goal is to explore a subject Mayor Bloomberg calls, "a defining challenge of our future."  This challenge affects countries on both sides of the Atlantic. Delegates can expect to hear some of the best and the brightest American and Dutch water-minds, in a lively and hands-on conference, organized by the Henry Hudson 500 foundation  in partnership with:
Honorary Chairs and opening speakers: Melanie Schultz van Haegen, Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, and Shaun Donovan, US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. 

Hit the 'download the program' button for the full program. 
Water Challenges for Coastal Cities is the main theme of H209 Forum, with three subthemes:
  • Adaptation to climate change for deltas in the decades to come, or how to keep NY, NJ and the Netherlands safe and resilient
  • The economics and governance of water
  • Innovative water technology 
Delegates can expect to hear some of the best and the brightest water-minds from both sides of the Atlantic, in a lively, hands-on, solutions-oriented conference. 
A steering committee with leaders from various disciplines in the world of water has helped to develop this program. Follow this website for updates, and hit the 'download the program' button for the full program. 
Day 1, September 9. 
Downtown Manhattan: a plenary journey along cutting edge techniques to defend New York (City) and New Jersey from future storms. Delegates can expect high profile speakers and innovative solutions from both sides of the Atlantic. There will also be newsflashes on five governmental post-Sandy plans, and an ‘out-of-the-box session' on the culture of water.
Honorary Chairs and Opening Speakers: Dutch Minister Schultz van Haegen and US Secretary Shaun Donovan.


The Museum of Jewish Heritage, Downtown Manhattan, is the venue of day 1 of H209 Forum. Click here for directions
Day 2, September 10. 
Shirt Sleeve Sessions on various locations in NY and NJ (t.b.a.). Shirt Sleeve Sessions are smaller, focused, more intensive discussions or workshops for experts on specific topics of interest: speaker-participants will be limited to 20 per session, to lead to a dynamic exchange of ideas. Additional audience members may attend as 'listeners.' 
Corporations, entrepreneurs, NGOs, policy-makers, engineers, academics, architects, and other interested individuals in: water management, engineering, information technology, finance involved with infrastructure investment, water policy, waterfront development, water transport, architecture and design, urban planning, alternative energy, risk management, government agencies, environmental nonprofits 

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