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In order to include the watermanagers of the future, we invite undergraduate students to participate in H209 Forum by entering the New Generation Competition.
Update June 19: the deadline for submissions has now passed and no more proposals are being accepted.  A competition committee will judge submissions and invite promising proposals to be further developed.  More information on the proposals we received will be published on this page soon.


ELIGIBILITY: Undergraduates, including 2009 graduates, in marine and environmental studies, engineering, oceanography, urban design and planning, policy planning, and public health.

Since many of the world's great cities have developed and flourished along coasts, they all share 21st century realities, including concerns about adequate supplies of fresh water, rising sea levels, flood protection and waterfront development. Because coastal cities must maintain their vigorous port economies, they must increasingly tackle some or all of the following issues:

Waterfront and harbor development – commercial and residential; drinking-water quality and availability; source water protection; habitat for aquatic and shoreline life; wastewater treatment; water reuse; stormwater management; flood protection; infrastructure redesign; transportation and freight systems; clean water policy and enforcement.

For the competition, we invite students to create an innovative solution to any aspect of the overall topic or subtopic in two stages: 1) carefully describe a problem 2) offer an innovative and specific solution.

COMPETITION DETAILS: Criteria for judging submissions: Clarity, Innovation, Practicality

The goal is to present an idea for a solution to a water problem facing coastal cities that carries with it the possibility for further development, commercial or otherwise

The submission process is three fold:

1) Fill out the application background sheet and provide a one-page, single-spaced presentation (12 point font, 1” margins) in which you describe a problem followed by a description of how to solve the problem.

DEADLINE: May 29, 2009, the dealine for Dutch entries is June 15 

2) A competition committee will judge submissions and will invite promising proposals to be further developed. The second stage will require you to work out in depth the solution you propose in 5-10 pages, providing quantitative evidence and demonstrating awareness of economic realities.

DEADLINE for final submissions: July 15, 2009.

Top five candidates will be invited to attend H209 Water Forum, on September 9-10, to present their proposals to conference participants. Travel and expenses will be covered by Henry Hudson 400.

Top three prize winners will be awarded prizes by Prince Willem Alexander of the Netherlands at a gala dinner in lower Manhattan on September 9th.

PRIZES: $5000 first prize; $3000 second prize; $2000 third prize; also internships will be arranged with major companies involved with water projects. Widespread media coverage anticipated.

Email submissions to Renee Cho, rcho@henryhudson400.com. Include “New Generation Competition” in your subject line and use the background sheet hereunder.

Hard copy submissions should be sent to:

New Generation Competition
Henry Hudson 400 Foundation New York
120 Fifth Avenue, 11th Floor
New York NY 10011

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